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Welcome to Target Market Insights. A podcast to help real estate investors navigate neighborhoods through the lens of local experts. In each episode, we speak to local specialists to learn about their market, useful tips, and the latest trends and developments. This show is designed to help you with the insights you need to win your target market.

Dec 1, 2023

A self-proclaimed “fancy pants” business consultant who has worked directly with more than 5,000 entrepreneurs over a 15-year career, Josh Thomas has developed and honed a particular set of skills that have helped many of his clients 2X their business growth in 90 days or less. He is the founder of Factor One, a unique business advisory for service-based entrepreneurs looking for that extra layer of support to level up quickly. He’s the host of The Do Zone Podcast and also runs a popular weekly entrepreneur discussion panel called BYOB Lunch Club.


In this episode, we talked to Josh about common challenges entrepreneurs face, his journey in consultancy, the importance of discerning whose advice to follow, insights from his own personality test, and much more.


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Advice for Entrepreneurs;


02:38 Josh’s background;

04:36 Challenges that entrepreneurs face;

10:00 Josh's consultancy journey;

14:53 Whose advice should an entrepreneur take;

18:29 Common advice for different types of businesses;

23:48 Josh's personality test;

27:45 Round of insights.


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Round of Insights


Apparent Failure: Being laid off from his previous consulting job.

Digital Resource: Facebook Messenger.

Most Recommended Book: Atomic Habits.

Daily Habit: Planning the weekly goals every morning with one’s team.

#1 Insight for getting focused as an entrepreneur: Having a destination.

Best Place to Grab a Bite: Terry Black’s Barbeque.


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