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Welcome to Target Market Insights. A podcast to help real estate investors navigate neighborhoods through the lens of local experts. In each episode, we speak to local specialists to learn about their market, useful tips, and the latest trends and developments. This show is designed to help you with the insights you need to win your target market.

Feb 15, 2022

Mariusz Skonieczny is a professional investor and the founder of Classic Value Investors, MicroCap Explosions and creator of Value Investing University. Mariusz graduated from Indiana University in 2003 with a finance degree. From 2003 to 2008, he was in the residential and commercial real estate industry as an appraiser and broker. During the 2008/2009 financial crisis, he made the courageous decision to leave the industry and start Classic Value Investors.

He has been investing in the stock market since 2008, starting with only $10,000, 10 years later he reached $1.1 million. By March of 2021, his accounts reachedover $4 million!

Let’s dive in to learn about microcap investing and Mariusz un-orthodox approach which led him to success.

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[00:01 – 04:17] Opening Segment 

  • Mariusz talks about his background.
  • He talks about how he got into the real estate space right after college and what led him to do that.
  • How he started his company Classic Value Investors.

[04:17 – 22:53] Little Competition - Big Money

  • How he transitioned from being an appraiser and broker to an investor in 2008.
  • He talks about microcap investing and what makes it different from other investing types.
  • The reasons why there is so little competition in the microcap space.
  • The reasons microcap investing is not the focus of most investors. 
  • The importance of having control on your investments and thinking independently.

[22:53 – 29:16] Diversification

  • He explains why he wants to diversify and start investing in real estate again.
  • Real estate deals vs Stock Market
  • The difference between buying from another investor and buying from an uneducated investor.
  • How he gets great deals from the stock market.


[29:16 – 33:50] Round of Insights

Apparent Failure:

Investing in gold mining stocks.


Digital Resource:

The Internet


Most Recommended Book:

The Warren Buffett Way


Daily Habit:

Creating content


Number One Insight for Investing

Think independently and don’t be afraid to go where others are afraid to go.


Best Place to Grab a Bite in Indiana

Sako’s Pizza


Contact Mariusz:

To learn more, you can go to Mariusz’s website.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Most people are unsuccessful because they don’t want to think independently.” - Mariusz Skonieczny


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