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Welcome to Target Market Insights. A podcast to help real estate investors navigate neighborhoods through the lens of local experts. In each episode, we speak to local specialists to learn about their market, useful tips, and the latest trends and developments. This show is designed to help you with the insights you need to win your target market.

Oct 8, 2019

Driven by massive goals and big-time action, Chris Salerno began as a real estate agent before launching QC Capital to partner with investors to purchase apartments. He has been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30, Charlotte’s 30 under 30 and Elite 50. On today’s show, Chris shares more about his goals and the steps he takes to achieve them, along with his strategy for leveraging Instagram and LinkedIn to grow his investor database.


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Key Insights

  • Started in residential as an agent and recognized by Elite 50, Forbes 30 under 30 and Charlotte’s 30 under 30
  • College is the best business – student loans can’t be wiped out by bankruptcy
  • Chris's goal is to become a billionaire
  • Hired the top multifamily coach he could find
  • Connected with a local investor with a growing portfolio and asked to work for free checking on the property each week
  • Talks to 15-20 people daily about investing in the Carolinas
  • Key insight for social media: Add value to your audience
  • Live videos, property updates and show the human/fun side
  • When people ask “how are you?,” he responds with, “I’m amazing”
  • LinkedIn is more business professionals, finding potential investors
  • LinkedIn Tip: Start with extensions in your existing network, then talk about how your businesses can benefit each other



Bull’s Eye Tips:


Most Recommended Book:

Mistakes Millionaires Make by Harry Clark


Most Recommended Digital/Mobile Resource:

All Social Media Platforms


Daily Habit

Meditate and Ensure Goals are Written Down


Wish I Knew Starting Out

The Scalability of Multifamily


Real-World Advice

Sit down and figure out your goals and the role of college to achieve them


Current Curiosity

How many people he can impact


Best Place to Grab a Bite

The Cellar at Duckworth’s




Tweet This:

“My goal is to become a billionaire and I will do it.”


Connect with Chris:

Instagram: @ChrisSalerno



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